Introducing EMPRESS MC

From the moment we put it out there that we we’re on a look out for a brand ambassador, to going through applications and searching high and low. Finally, the name Empress popped up. After a meet, greet and chit chat, we knew she was just the right fit.

KAPTN is proud to introduce our newest krew member and now officially our brand ambassador. With arms wide open we welcome Empress MC!


Also known as Nicole Jamo, an emcee originated in Sydney now based in Melbourne, who not only has 10 years in the rap industry, but a lyrically talented hip-hop artist brought up in the mid to late 90’s hip hop. “I grew up on Illmatic” (Nas). To us she is known as a pretty cool chick. The krew watched her YouTube videos which left our eyes unpeeled at the edge of our seats in silence.

To get to know her better, we were non hesitant and quick to asking questions.


How did you get the name EMPRESS MC and what’s the meaning behind it? 

I’ve always felt as if women don’t empower themselves enough, and what’s more empowering than being referred to as history’s all time powerful female title? =) Plus ‘The Never Ending Story’ was an old favourite.


What influenced you to hip-hop and how did it all happen?

I had a little radio/cassette player as a kid I used to listen to and dub tapes of all my favorite songs from the radio. Back then in Australia all the bigger radio stations were (and still are) playing pop music, so I used to scroll through till I’d hear what I liked. It was usually little community radio stations doing hip hop shows. I was all over that. Then Wu Tang happened! (haha) nah I’ve always been really drawn to hip hop and it’s flare. The honesty it spoke to the empowering nature of the whole culture. Hip hop is a hell of a drug!


Who are some artists you look up to?

Any artists out there actually doing themselves and finding their own lane. Always been a fan of Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu and Nas.


You were once a Sydney homegirl. Why the move to Melbourne?

Truth be told, I moved to Melbourne for love (haha) sometimes you gotta do things you wouldn’t normally do in order to grow. I was definitely ready for that.


How did you first hear about KAPTN?

Through friends and word of mouth. I love discovering anything dope and local, so when I fell across KAPTN, I was all about it.


What is your favourite piece of KAPTN gear you like to wear?

I’m loving my KAPTN beanie right now. Perfect for this cold ass Melbourne weather!


As a chick who’s leads her own path. What advise do you have for the followers?

I say be true to the real you at all times. Whether that’s in making music or living life.


‘Empress MC  = Empress Mad Cunt’ What better mathematical way to put it.

Follow @empressmc on Instagram or by liking her Facebook ‘Empress MC’ Musician page. Videos can be seen here